Friday, January 25, 2008

Devi Kshama


Na Mantram No Yantram
Tadapi Cha Na Jaane Stuti Maho.
Na Chaa Vaanam Dhyaanam
Tadapi Cha Na Jaane Stuti Kathaa.
Na Jaane Mudraaste
Tadapi Cha Na Jaane Vila Panam.
Param Jaane Maata
Twa Danu Saranam Klesha Haranam.

I do not know mantras (short prayers) or yantras (how to pray).
I do not know how to do puja or pray.
I do not know how to invoke your name.
I do not know how to medicate.
I do not know any stutis (long prayers) or kathas (long prayers).
I do not know any mudras (signs).
I do not know how to implore deep pleading.
I do know one thing, though.
I knot that if I follow you, then within the folds of your love, I will be released from all my troubles.

Vidher Agnaa Nenaa
Dravina Vira Henaa Lasatayaa.
Vidheyaa Shakyat Vaa
Tava Charana Yoryaa Chyutir Abhut.
Tad Etat Ksantavyam
Janani Sakalo Dhaarini Shive.
Kuputro Jaayeta
Kvachi Dapi Kumaata Na Bhavati.

Oh, Mataji, liberator of all without discrimination,
I do not know how to do puja, and I am by nature lazy.
I do not have the ability or capacity to do the right kind of prayer.
Given all these shortcomings of mine, if there have been any mistakes in my prayers today, please overlook them.
Because the son can be bad, it is not in the Mother’s nature to be bad.

Prthivyaam Putraaste
Janani Bahavaha Santi Saralaa.
Param Teshaam Madhye
Viralataraalo Ham Tava Sutaha.
Madiyo Yam Tyaagah
Samuchita Midam No Tava Shive.
Kuputro Jaayeta
Kvachi Dapi Kumaata Na Bhavati.

O, Mother,
On this earth you have many good sons and daughters.
Of all your children, however, I am the worst and have been the most bad.
Please do not forsake me because I have not concentrated on you; this is not reasonable.
Because the son can be bad, it is not in the Mother’s nature to be bad.

Jagan Maatar Maata
Tava Charana Sevaa Na Rachitaa.
Na Va Dattam Devi
Dravina Mapi Bhuya Stava Mayaa.
Tathaapi Tvam Sneham
Mayi Nirupamam Yat Prakurushe.
Kuputro Jaayeta
Kvachi Dapi Kumaata Na Bhavati.

O, Mother of the Universe,
I have never rubbed your feet, nor done any sort of service to you, nor given you wealth.
Still strangely enough, you continue to bestow your grace on an underserving me.
Because the son can be bad, it is not in the Mother’s nature to be bad.

Parityaktaa Devaa
Vividha Vidha Sevaa Kulatayaa.
Mayaa Panchaa Sheete
Adhikam Apanite Tu Vayasi.
Idaanim Chen Maatah
Tava Yadi Krupaa Naapi Bhavitaa.
Niraa Lambo Lambo
Dara Janani Kam Yaami Sharanam.

O, Paravati Ma, who has given birth to Lord Ganesh,
I prayed other gods, and remained busy with different kinds of works.
Now I am 85 years old, and all other gods have left me because I cannot give them all my prayers.
I despair. I cannot expect any help from them.
If you also leave me at this time, where shall I go for support except to you?

Shvapaako Jalpaako
Bhavati Madhu Paako Pama Giraa.
Niraa Tanko Ranko
Viharati Chiram Koti Kanakay.
Tavaa Parne Karne
Vishati Manu Varne Phalam Idam.
Janah Ko Jaanite
Janani Japaniyam Japa Vidhau.

O, Mother!
If anybody hears even a word of your chant, the result is this:
Even the meanest man can utter the honey-sweet words of your chant and will become a very proficient speaker,
Even the poorest man will find work and enjoy millions of pieces of gold.
When even a word of you chant has this result, the ones who are doing it regularly and methodically, we cannot fathom what the result will be. What mortal can know this?

Chita Bhasmaalepo
Garalam Ashanam Dik Pata Dharo.
Jata Dhaari Kanthe
Bhujaga Pati Hari Pasupatih.
Kapali Bhuteshu
Bhajati Jagadi Shaika Padavim.
Bhavaani Tvatpaani
Grahana Paripaati Phalam Idam.

O, Goddess Bhavani,
The one who rubs his body with ashes and whose food is poison,
Whose body is nude, and who has matted hair, a necklace of cobras and a skull in his hands as an alms bowl,
How does one such as he get the name Jagadeesh, Lord of the World?
What is the reason for this? How did he get such an imminent position?
It is only because of his union with you that his importance has increased.

Na Mokshas Yaakaankshaa
Bhava Vibhava Vaanchaapi Cha Na Me.
Na Vignaanaa Pekshaa
Sasimukhi Sukhe Chaapi Na Punah.
Atastvaam Sai Yaache
Janani Jananam Yaatu Mama Vai.
Mrdaani Rudraani
Shiva Shiva Bhaavan Iti Japatah.

O, the Mother whose countenance is like the moon!
I do not have any desire for deliverance (moksha).
I do not have any desire for worldly wealth.
I do not have any craving for knowledge.
I also do not want happiness.
All I pray is that the rest of my life may pass in uttering all of your names.

Naaraa Dhitaasi
Vidhinaa Vividho Pachaaray.
Kim ruksha chintana
Parair Na Krtam Vachobhih.
Shyaame Tvameva
Yadi Kinchana Mayyanaathe.
Dhatse Krupaam
Uchitam Amba Param Tavaiva.

O, Mother! I bow down to you.
I could not methodically do your puja and prayers, time and again I stumbled.
My meditations were never crystal clear, it was as if a veil blocked my vision.
Please help me, that I may reach you.
You bestow on me the greatest grace, which is deserving only of you.
Such a merciful mother can give shelter to such an undeserving son.

Aapatsu Magnah Smaranam Tvadiyam,
Karomi Durge Karunaar Navesi.
Naita Chathatvam Mama Bhaava Yethaah,
Ksudhaatar Shradhaa Jananim Smaranti.

O, Mother! Durga! The ocean of mercy!
I pray to you because all I have around me are difficulties.
I did not pray to you before this.
Please don’t consider this prayer as proof of my wickedness.
The child who is suffering from hunger and thirst only remembers his Mother.

Jagadamba Vichitram Atra Kim,
Paripurnaa Karunaasti Cenmayi.
Aparaadha Paramparaa Param,
Na Hi Mataa Samupekshate Sutam.

O, Mother of the universe!
I am not surprised, because of your complete grace.
A son may do fault after fault, but the mother never ignores him.

Matsamaah Pataki Nasti
Paapaghni Tvaatsamaa Na Hi.
Evam Gnaatva Mahaadevi
Yathaa Yogyam Tathaa Kuru.

O, Mahadevi, Great Goddess!
There is no sinner like me on this earth.
No one can forgive my sins but you.
Knowing this, please do whatever you think is reasonable.